Training Squads

Our squad sessions are designed to be fun, challenging a something a little different! Based on many years coaching the sports of triathlon and open water swimming we've seen the power of training for an individual sport in a group environment can have! Yes these are individual sports but on race day you'll be surround by many others, so why not train like you race? Our squad culture is second to none, it's fun, friendly and supportive and pushes your further than you thought possible. 

As well as our popular swim squads we also have running a cycling sessions to suit all abilities. Why not come along and try a different flavour of training session that may just be the turning point to a new PB and even meet new friends. 

Swim Smooth Squads

Our Swim Squads are the only Swim Smooth Certified Squads in Yorkshire! Coach Morg is Yorkshire's only Swim Smooth Coach and has travelled the globe to work alongside Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome on numerous occasions. 

All our Squad Swim Session coach the Swim Smooth methodologies and we have a track record of creating happy, healthy swimmers who a swimming faster and faster each year! Each squad session varies slightly in focus and length and will focus on specific training for the time of year. We adapt a healthy balance of technique training, fitness development and race/event specific skills. 

In the summer months we also run squad session in the open water at our stunning venue the Blue Lagoon in the heart of Yorkshire. These session are specifically designed to prepare you for your event and get you comfortable in the open water environment.  

We welcome everyone to the squads but please check out the squad description to ensure you meet the minimum swim ability criteria. Unfortunately in our busy squads we don't have the time to teach freestyle from scratch (check out our workshops) but even if you can swim 4 lengths (100m) of freestyle we'll soon get you swim faster and further than you ever imagined. 

Evolve Tri & Swim Squad

Our Evolve Tri & Swim Squad sessions are for anyone looking to take part in triathlon or open water swimming. All well as our swim squads mentioned above we have 


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